5 of the Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World

Libraries throughout the ages have been havens not just for book nerds. They have also served as a place where people can escape the noise and enjoy moments of peace and quiet. Regardless if you like hanging out in libraries or not, here are some of the world’s most beautiful public libraries you will want to explore.

Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA
Library of Congress
Why visit: Its stunning architecture is just one of the many reasons why you should not pass up on the chance to visit the Library of Congress. This public library houses not only a collection of over a hundred million works. It also features several exhibitions, events, and reading rooms where you can enjoy all the books you want to read to your heart’s content. You can take a guided tour related to a specific topic or you can join one of the free guided tours of the Jefferson building.

The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Royal Library, Denmark
Why visit: The Royal Library serves as Denmark’s national library. It also serves as the library for the University of Copenhagen. It boasts of an extensive collection of works from Europe and around the world.

Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
Library of Alexandria
Why visit: Bibliotheca Alexandrina or the Library of Alexandria houses a collection from around the world. It features a shelf space that could easily accommodate 8 million books as well as a vast reading room, conference centers, museums, art galleries, and more.

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart
Why visit: The Stuttgart City Library (Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart) with its start white interiors is refreshingly bright and airy. If you think that all that whiteness will make the inside of this library look dull and boring, think again! Designed to optimize natural lighting and space, this is one of the libraries that you won’t mind spending hours exploring.

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura
Why visit: Royal Portuguese Reading Room houses a collection of over three hundred thousand works. It is also home to the largest collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal.