17 Struggles Bookworms Can Totally Relate To


  1. Not getting enough reading time
  1. Not having enough money to buy all the books you want to read
  1. Being asked to choose one favorite book out of the many on your list
  1. When someone tells you that you spend too much time reading like it’s a bad thing
  1. Watching a film adaptation that messed up everything you love about the book
  1. When the next book on the series takes ages to come out
  1. When someone borrows your book and ends up damaging or losing it
  1. Choosing which book to bring on a trip
  1. Finishing a good book and feeling like you have lost a best friend
  1. Plot twists that mess up everything you have thought about the book
  1. Getting blindsided by the death of one of your favorite characters
  1. Spending a whole weekend holed up in your room reading
  1. Falling in love with a fictional character
  1. Walking in a bookstore without buying anything
  1. When you read something that makes you cry and there are people around you
  1. When the book’s ending is completely unexpected
  1. Binge-reading like there’s no tomorrow